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A Million Vibrations

By January 2, 2019 No Comments

In a world filled with a not uncommon sense of loneliness, we forget we are surrounded by millions of people vibrating all around us. We are either drawn towards or away from certain energies (people) that will push or inspire us towards our next direction. We are tied to the learning we have as individuals, yet there is no higher learning than in relationship to another.

When I talk to someone, teach them yoga, or simply pass them in the street, I can feel the amount of attention they are allowing to flow through them. I can sense if there is fear or indifference, judgement or dislike, distraction or worry in their thoughts, and I’m reminded how permeable we are as people. We have been taught to live our lives from the outside in, colliding with each other from a perspective that we are solid and separate, and forgetting that we are actually ENERGETIC MAGNETS.

We are taught ambition and achievement are essential to identify ourselves in the “real” world and it’s often this drive that keeps us divided. We are in a constant state of change as individuals, and through our experiences, our knowledge is also constantly changing. Our perceptions and ideas shift as we acknowledge the role others play in our world, and that to live a deep and rich life, we must learn to include those around us that will at times challenge us. Can we offer others just as much love, attention and patience even when they don’t seem to be following our agenda, instead of pushing them away? Can we open when we feel like closing, and can we smile when we’re unsure instead of shutting down? Now here’s a method worth practicing.

It is easy to discern yourself with a stranger, but it becomes our mission in life to create peace, and love within our own homes and circles. As we add family, and coworkers, longer friendships and children to our plates, we can sense how easy it is to get avalanched with the needs and wants of others. Without a constant effort to get in touch with your own vibration and resonance, it is almost impossible to find where you will fit best in the outer world. There is a saying that hung on my wall for many years.

“Lose yourself in the silence, or you will lose yourself in the world.”


Author Nathalie

Nathalie Saunderson has spent over a decade exploring the world of yoga and teaching classes and retreats in the Vancouver area. With a background in the classical Hatha, Ashtanga and Iyengar traditions, she offers her insights from this journey, to further inspire the deep spiritual inquiry that arises from practice.

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