Nathalie’s passion for yoga has spanned nearly 16 years, and continues to fascinate her with it’s power and simplicity. The life lessons over those years have served as the foundation of her current teachings. Many eastern philosophies and the practice of meditation continue to light her path as she enjoys creating space for students to grow on their mats. Her curiosity for the world, spirituality and human nature began as a child, and led her to pursue travels both abroad and internally.

Her formal journey began in 2002, when she began Ashtanga yoga, drawn to the power and calm she could access through movement. She also holds extensive studies in Hatha, Power, Vinyasa and Iyengar traditions, and calls on these many influences to create her unique teachings. She has taught in and around Vancouver since 2008, and continues to expand her knowledge in energy medicine, astrology, meditation, and many other modalities related to the Wellness and Healing Arts.

One of her core messages reminds the student to view life as a journey we are invited to learn from verse battle with. She believes in the potential of each person, practicing stillness and leaning into challenges as an opportunity to learn and refine.

You can expect her classes to include modern yoga philosophy, while moving your body and breath into alignment.  She holds a deep respect for the uniqueness of each human spirit and continues to share her journey as an inspiration for others to trust in theirs. A few inspirations behind her teachings include her close relationships, family connections, the power of language, nature, deep talks, music that provokes, simplicity, and returning to the kindness she embodied as a child. She honours her many “mistakes” as equal to her triumphs, and is forever dedicated to finding the peace in all situations.