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For My Sisters

By September 28, 2017 25 Comments

I write this for my sisters, who I see myself in. In fragments and gentle moments when courage arrives enough to share our truths aloud.

Do not be afraid sister.

For whatever your fear, may it shake you up and wake you up enough to grow into the woman you were meant to be.

Do not wonder, my sister, if you could have made better choices, different choices that would have led you closer to the picture you thought you fit in. It was not the right time and you lacked the right colors to fill the lines in enough to make the picture feel right.

Do not be afraid sister, that your day won’t come to shine brightly as you are busy down here, feeling bruised and uneasy, fearing that you somehow got lost. It is down here where we learn to fearlessly trust ourselves in the divinity that we can never unravel from. Lean into your journey, of roundabouts and dead ends, that will lead you to love more clearly along the way. The path of sorrow and tears teach compassion for others, and this is the path to a gentler world we share in.

Do not lean on shame my dear sister, because I’ve seen you change your mind like the winds, only to realize you were right from the start. We are women, and our job is to flow and seep out, envelope the stars with our hearts till it’s too big a job and then learn to tailor our loving to packages that don’t leave us empty.

Do not give up my sister. You are being taught the art of rooting down deep, into earth, without tethering to man or to house or promise that things will get easier, because if they don’t, for awhile, you will be the tether for you. Take your tender heart and stubborn grit for a walk, and stop fighting the changes you feel tugging you into the great big unknown. Take your time, trace each step, get as lost as you’d like, but remember you do not walk alone. You are loved by so many, and I know you forget this when you are the last person able to extend any love inward or out.

Do not make a home there my dear sister, just pay a visit, then return to the choices you know have the capacity to burst your heart wide open for better or worse. For the better, this is what the world yearns to see, hearts open wide, living life from inside out, so it always fits. Stop struggling to stop struggling, for in that struggle is great courage that will help you navigate to the other side of yourself, because you see, my many sisters, that the only one you are truly struggling against is often yourself. I love you from both sides of the struggle.


Author Nathalie

Nathalie Saunderson has spent over a decade exploring the world of yoga and teaching classes and retreats in the Vancouver area. With a background in the classical Hatha, Ashtanga and Iyengar traditions, she offers her insights from this journey, to further inspire the deep spiritual inquiry that arises from practice.

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