LIVE Online Yoga Retreat

Sunday APRIL 5 th, 2020     9:00 – 12:00 pm


None of us expected our new decade to begin with such an internal reshifting of agenda. What were once normal daily activities, have been minimized to safety precautions and a certain sense of unease regarding the future.

Before the Corona virus interrupted our lives on a global level, my heart spoke to the studentship ready to use their yoga practice with purpose. As we’ve become acutely aware of our impact on each other, expanding our awareness to navigate these fears is essential

For those of you needing to feel the support, and guidance of the principles of yoga, this Retreat will ground you in a sense of personal right action and thinking.

As our outer world continues to fight tirelessly to protect again this devastating virus, how is your mind, spirit and heart health navigating these changes?

These three hours will include two 15 minute discussions, and one 90 minute practice with room for questions and a lengthy meditation and svasana to close.

Cost: $35.00 

Yoga Immersions are for the yoga student that is ready to explore and go beyond what their current understanding of yoga is.

Yoga is 1% theory, and 99% practice.
~ BKS Iyengar