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Passing It On

By November 29, 2018 No Comments

We are literally seeped in lineage and connectivity, whether we are conscious of it or not. Despite the many pressures in our society to stand out and individuate, our bodies are formed from two other bodies that previous to that, were birthed from two further bodies, and so on. The cells that create each of us, house a unique intelligence and function that continue with each new human as they growth. In each life cycle, our cells are also constantly downloading information from influences around us, and memories are either stored or expressed through our bodies.

What is she on about?

We can spend a lot of time in our lives defining and trying to understand how we fit into our environments. Many people must wage the battle with self-esteem, purpose and confidence as the seasons of life bring new challenges and changes constantly. The wiser part of us knows that there is much to be learned from our peers, while the even wiser part of us understands our current dilemmas and questions, have answers that only we can access through the feedback of our bodies.

There is no single cell or part of ourselves that we can say with accuracy is completely our own. We engage in sexual activity, transplant organs from body to body, and pass energy between us constantly in all forms of interactions. Loosely put, we are just a single part of the constant ever-flowing life force that exists on the planet, and we can either spend our time focusing on our connections or our need to differentiate.

Once we get an intimate understanding of our own body, we begin to understand  our identities are literally regenerating and dying the entire time. Birth and death are both constantly occurring, with our ultimate death being a final act of exhaustion of the many parts working together. If you’ve lived well, you will arrive at that point, having moved the energy through and used the life force you were given as best you could. We are all here to share and participate, and we do this with grace when divided parts of ourselves have been reclaimed, and we understand our place in it all.


Author Nathalie

Nathalie Saunderson has spent over a decade exploring the world of yoga and teaching classes and retreats in the Vancouver area. With a background in the classical Hatha, Ashtanga and Iyengar traditions, she offers her insights from this journey, to further inspire the deep spiritual inquiry that arises from practice.

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