Private Yoga Session Pack – 4 classes x 75 min each



A private class is like a tailor made dress, is designed and fitted entirely for your unique body. Yoga improves your own body awareness.


When you start a yoga course it’s important to introduce yourself to the teacher and go through your health history together. If you have injuries, if you are active or practicing other activities and sports, what are your goals. More information you provide to your teacher the easier will be to identify your needs.


Improving your general health. Support your body while training for a marathon. Releasing from daily work stress. Becoming a teacher. Building strength. Learning a sequence for when you travel.


Going to a yoga class should always be a happy, fun moment and never a reason to accumulate more stress. Most days we have a busy agenda to attend and it’s not always possible to make it to the 6pm class or cross the city. In a private you can choose when and where you prefer to practice. In the comfort of your home or at your local studio. This flexibility will make your day easier and your mind relaxed!

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In person or Skype classes available


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