Feb 3 – Feb 12 2020

This Immersion is for the yoga student interested in exploring the healing properties of true relaxation and breathe work.

These 10 days will guide you on a detailed journey of personal exploration weaving yoga practice, meditation, pranayama and visualization. The value of a Retreat is unique to each individual, though you have the gift of time AND personalized attention as you practice.

On our 10 days together, you will be led through a detoxifying yoga practice to clear blocked energy lines and free up energy. With the soothing atmosphere of the Thai landscape and climate, bask in the warmth of this opportunity to feel at home in your skin like never before.

If you think relaxation comes from the outside, you haven’t explored deep enough.

When we go about exploring our practice deeper, expect to be both humbled and surprised. Use this precious time away to reflect, heal, rest and redesign any part of your life or vision you wish to reframe.

The beauty of this Retreat in particular, is you’ve traveled to the tropics of South East Asia to change your perspective and tune in deeper. You are guaranteed to find the focus and calm you may not always have at home. Whether you crave the rest, desire some inspiration, or simply need to relax, you have the time and space to do it.

Yoga is 1% theory, and 99% practice.

~ BKS Iyengarh


Retreat Highlights

· Enjoy a morning Hatha Flow before the midday heat, followed by a later afternoon yin and restorative practice.

· Daily meditation sessions to set your mind at ease before bed

· Self-care package to indulge your sense in, includes your personalized Retreat Journal

· Thai food is well known throughout the world for it’s unique flavour of sweet and salty, the perfect combination in the heat. Enjoy traditional dishes amidst the detoxifying juices and smoothies meant to clear you body and reboot your immune system.

· Thai style buffet on the beach and formal goodbye ceremony including cocktails on night of departure

· Post Retreat Skype session to follow up on feedback, reflections or support


Thailand is home to the most wonderful, laid back and soothing cultures on the planet.

With steep, jungle-covered peaks, picturesque Ko Chang (Elephant Island; เกาะช้าง) retains its remote and rugged spirit – despite the development of parts of the Island into a tour destination.

Sweeping bays are sprinkled along the west coast; most have superfine sand, some have pebbles. What it lacks in sand it makes up for in an unlikely combination: accessible wilderness with a thriving night life culture.

More information about Venue and itinerary to come.


Confirmation of your reservation requires payment of a minimum $ 600.00 CAD deposit, deducted from the total value of your reservation.

This deposit is not refundable under any circumstances.

If you wish, you may settle the entire balance at once in lieu of paying a deposit in order to avoid any additional transactions at your end. Should you choose to pay only a deposit, the remaining balance must be paid 60 days prior your stay’s start date. 

Any cancellation made fewer than 60 days prior your stay implies that your fee and deposit will not be reimbursed.