Studio 202 for Inspired Living 

North Vancouver, BC

APRIL 14th, 2019     1:00 – 3:00 pm


Becoming a Mom has taught me a few things about how we view time and the importance of what we choose to spend it on.
We can struggle simply getting to our mats, even though we know the benefits are far reaching.

This is my last two hour Workshops to Ignite and Restore the nervous system on the deepest level we can access. This class will be taught to mellow tunes, and include components of a Flow, Yin and Restorative practice with time for Breathe work and long relaxation. 

Come as you are to move, decompress and choose to integrate the right elements for you personally to return to a more balanced place. I created this class as “The Nothing Box”, an opportunity to practice with an open mind and agenda.
Not needing anything to transpire allows us to sink inwards, relax deeper, and move slower as we transition into a season of energy and lightness.

Cost: $35.00 + tax