Zoey Ann

Squamish, BC – I’m a sweet tornado and I spit fire and truth for the greater good. I’m an advocate for radical self love. I’m a midwife of expansion and a guide to wholeness. In common tongue, I show up as a Coach, Mentor, Transformational Facilitator, Yogi and Holistic Wellness Advocate but these labels are only tiny parts to my whole. I was put on this planet to liberate women. Women who are called to lead. Every last of inch of them. Of you. Your body, your mind and your connection to spirit, your sweet ass soul. Why? Because your rising, women’s rising is our Mother’s foundational healing glue. So here you are. A woman. With a divine super power that’s just waiting to be acknowledged, rewired and expressed.
You have the power to be and do anything. So should you choose to answer the call and align with your potential then know that I’m here. Ripe and ready to walk forward with you. Ready to up your game plan.


Susan Oubari

Susan Oubari

Paris, France – Spiritual coach, breathwork guide, Reiki master and workshop leader, Susan Oubari is the founder of ‘Breathe in Paris’ which is a concept she created based on her own life experiences to help others. In her private practice she has helped clients around the world overcome anxiety, self-doubt, stress, depression, lack of energy and procrastination. She believes that conscious breathwork, especially when combined with Reiki and mindfulness, is the key to well-being, good health and inner peace. After years of working with individual clients she created ‘Breathe in Paris’ where she offers one of a kind group classes and workshops to reach and help even more people.


Rachel Scott

Vancouver, BC – Rachel’s mission is to support yoga teachers to share their passion and potential. With more than 4,000 hours logged as a teacher trainer, she is a coach and mentor who helps yoga teachers make measurable strides in their teaching. As an instructional designer, she consults with yoga studios and yoga-preneurs around the world to create excellent online and in-person educational programs. An author of two books, she blogs regularly with tips and tricks for practitioners, teachers, and educators. MFA, BA, MSci, E-RYT 500. Find her on Instagram and at rachelyoga.com





Michelle Gibson

West Vancouver, BC – Dr. Michelle Gibson is a certified Imago Relationship Therapist. She works with couples to help them improve communication and deepen connection. Using the Imago model, couples learn how to become aware of the emotional baggage and triggers they bring into their relationship. Michelle teaches couples how to identify, understand, and transform those wounds; resulting in curiosity, insight, compassion (self and other) and, ultimately, healing within the rich opportunities of the relationship. Michelle also works with individual clients (tweens, teens, and the full range of adulthood) in the areas of: sports performance, anxiety, depression, identifying underlying issues related to addictive behaviours, existential issues and major life decisions. She is certified in the rigorously-tested trauma-releasing protocol, EMDR, and is trained in several other effective trauma-releasing modalities as well. Michelle works in West Vancouver. You can contact Michelle at: mgibson@ohboy.ca


Lauren Toolin

New York, NY – www.laurenjaytoolin.com






Jen Owens

North Vancouver, BC – www.jenowens.ca





Ram Dass

Los Angeles, CA – www.ramdass.org




Ana Forrest

International – www.forrestyoga.com




Loka Yoga

Whistler, BC – www.lokayogawhistler.com